Terms and conditions

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  1. Validity

CINTA PUNTO SP. Z O.O. UL. GRZYBOWSKA 87, 00-844, Warszawa, Polska, Legal Number: 0000489743 (hereinafter referred to as “Cintapunto”) and the Purchaser are the contractors under the following terms and conditions.

For the business connection between “Cintapunto” and the buyer, the subsequent terms and conditions are valid in their composure from the moment of the order. Cintapunto doesn´t accept deviant conditions of the buyer, unless Cintapunto has accepted an assertive written application earlier. The general terms and conditions in their current actual composure in the time of order are to be valid for the future orders also if they are not explicitly agreed again.

  1. Prices

All listed prices are B2B prices non-inclusive of the legal value added tax, which is valid in each case also with costs of packaging and dispatch. All offered promotions and special offer prices apply to all customers. All listed prices, also for packaging and dispatch, count only at the time of the order. With updates on the Internet pages Cintapunto all previous prices and other information about goods become invalid. The version valid at the time of the order is decisive in each case.

  1. Payment Terms

The customer can choose (Credit card payment and BACS) at the time of order. Costs that are incurred due to insufficient funds or faulty provided bank data, especially the costs of back charge and other miscellaneous are to be reimbursed by the customer. If the purchaser in arrears, the Cintapunto has the right to demand arrears charges of 5% above the announced base interest rate per year by the European Central Bank and miscellaneous bank processing fees. In the event Cintapunto a proven higher arrear damage caused by delay has occurred, Cintapunto has the right, to assert claim to said damage. The customer bears the costs of payment, particularly transferred from abroad.

  1. Right of withdrawal

Customers do not have the right to cancel orders of products customized to the customer’s specifications or tailored specifically to the personal needs of the customer. For this reason, your screen print order of a customized print cannot be cancelled, as expressly stated here. In the case of prepayment, if payment has not appeared in the account listed in the order confirmation within seven days, then Cintapunto has the right to cancel the order and to withdraw from the contract.

  1. Terms of Delivery

The delivery is done by sending the purchased items to the customer to the address provided. After receipt of payment your order will be prepared for shipment within 24 hours. Delivery time will be 2-4 working days and 3-5 working days where stated on individual products. Each delivery is subject to the proviso that Cintapunto timely and properly supplied. If a product ordered by the customer is found to be unavailable, an equivalent of the price of the ordered items will be provided. Cintapunto will notify the customer immediately about the unavailability and the order will be cancelled while refunding the payment at the same time. Cintapunto is entitled to make partial deliveries. Delayed deliveries of Cintapunto do not entitle the buyer to compensation claims, unless Cintapunto is of negligence or intent to load. Further claims remain reserved for the customer. Delays in delivery based on the grounds that Cintapunto is not responsible for (force majeure, fault of others, etc.), the deadline will be extended and the customer shall be informed immediately. If prolonged, the causes of delays longer than four weeks after the conclusion of the contract that each party is entitled to withdraw from the contract. If the customer is not encountered at home/place of business upon the delivery of the package, and the packet is not picked up from the depot within 7 days by the customer or the customer refuses the acceptance of the package, Cintapunto has the right to cancel the order and cancel the contract. Forwarding charges include packing and shipping for each purchases.

  1. Warranty

The defect liability terms in accordance with the law apply. The customer is not entitled to transfer a claim. If there are no other results, further titles of the customer – for whatever reasons – are excluded. Cintapunto holds no responsibility for faults that arise on items to be delivered; especially Cintapunto takes no responsibility for lost profit or other financial loss of the purchaser. As far as the contractual liability of Cintapunto is excluded or restricted, this applies to personal liability of jobholders, substitutes and auxiliary personnel. Apparent faults have to be reported in written immediately. However this should be implemented within two weeks from the delivery. The reports that are implemented after the fortnight period will be discarded. Inadequacy of quality will not be an issue as long as the delivered quality is corresponding to technical standards of digital printing and editing. Since the technical variations in colours of image and original can’t be avoided, it will not be considered a fault related to the quality. Loss of quality: it won’t be a fault with quality had the original itself is of less quality. (e.g. resolution of original image). A specific characteristic of deliverables is not agreed. Due to printing processes used, exact colour-matching is not agreed on all of the printed products available. Limitation of liability will not be valid if it has been an intentional effort, caused by careless treatment. Warranty does not apply if the purchaser is found to be with fallacies and claims regulated by law. Typically, if Cintapunto violates an essential contractual obligation, liability to pay damages is restricted to the incidental damage. If the supplementary performance has been carried by means of additional supply, the purchaser is obliged to return the original items within 30 days on account of Cintapunto. Return consignment of faulty goods has to be fulfilled according to statutory provisions. Cintapunto reserves the right for claiming compensation according to legal matters. Limitation period is 24 months per delivery.

  1. Retention of title

The products ordered remain the property of Cintapunto until payment is completed. No resale, leasing, pledging, transfer of title for security purposes, conversion, other disposition or transformation is permissible before conveyance of title without the explicit consent of Cintapunto.

  1. Prohibition of offset, rights to withhold

The customer is not entitled to offset claims of Cintapunto for payment with his own claims, unless the claims of the customer are established beyond dispute or are of legal force. The customer is not entitled to oppose claims of Cintapunto for payment with rights to withhold – even for notification of deficiencies – unless they result from the same contractual relationship.

  1. Copyrights

The client is solely responsible for the contents of transferred image data. We assume that the client possesses the necessary copyrights, trademark rights or other rights for all works, files and images that are transferred. In case of infringement of those rights, the client is obligated to indemnify Cintapunto from any claims that might be issued by third parties. This is strictly ensured by liability assumption versus the claimant. If the claimant does not approve the liability assumption the client will indemnify Cintapunto from all claims. In this case the client will support Cintapunto in the defense of such claims. The client bears all incidental expenses (e.g. court and lawyer costs, fines, etc.).

  1. Granting of License

The customer retains all rights to all documents to be transferred to Cintapunto by the customer or by the persons authorized by the customer. For the execution of the contract the customer grants Cintapunto the unrestricted right in time and space to use the available image data to provide the service in the context of the contract management. This contains also the storage, reproduction and processing of image data. This includes the right to make available some pictures for correction and improvement to third parties.

  1. Emailers

In order to keep you up to date on our latest offers and products, Cintapunto will send occasional emails and their affiliated companies to the provided email address. You may unsubscribe from the emailers at any time without having to pay additional costs except the regular transmitting costs at standard rates. It is sufficient to send a message in text form to info@cintapunto.com or to the contact details provided in the imprint (e.g. fax, letter). Please note that, each emailer contains a link to unsubscribe off future messages.

  1. Responsibility of Penology, right to withhold performance

The customer is liable for the lawfulness of the content. He assures that the contents of the transferred image files don’t offend the penal law, with the placement of his order. Furthermore Cintapunto has no obligation to deliver services which have the consequence of statutory violations. Cintapunto will report an offence to the police if contents of files sent by the customer violate the penal law. Simultaneously Cintapunto has the right to deny any service and to withdraw from the contract. Cintapunto is allowed but not obliged to examine the contents that are uploaded to the Web proof as far as their rightfulness is concerned. As long as contents violate applicable laws, Cintapunto has the right to delete contents without prior notice. In case of complaints or objections of third parties against the information of the customer – regardless of the legal ground – Cintapunto will immediately delete the contents. A claim against Cintapunto due to the blocking of contents after a complaint or objection by a third party is excluded, if Cintapunto is said to have made an unjustified deletion deliberately without inspection.

  1. Choice of forum clause

Should a provision of this agreement be invalid or become invalid or should this agreement contain an omission, then the legal effect of the other provision shall not thereby be affected. Instead of the invalid provision a valid provision is deemed to have been agreed upon which comes closest to what the parties intended; the same applies in the case of an omission. Customer hereby agrees that the Poland is to be determined as the exclusive forum for all legal and contractual disputes resulting directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship if the purchaser is a legal entity formed under Polish Law as tradesman. The Poland is also the exclusive forum for any disputes resulting directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship if the customer is determined not to be subject to personal jurisdiction in the Poland. Furthermore, thePoland is determined to be the exclusive forum for any disputes if a customer moves his principal place of residence, outside of the Poland or his principal place of residence is determined to be unknown at the point of commencing legal action.

  1. Governing Law

The closure and liquidation of all contracts shall be governed by Polish law.

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