Reflective slap bracelets

The best thing about reflective bands is that they may serve as a fun, safety and as well educational gadgets. Commonly used by bikers, joggers and even casual pedestrians, reflective bracelets appear to be the most accessible items for night-time street safety. A light, flexible tin plate covered with glace PCV coating with a soft-touch velour backing would always be a desirable gift for both children and grown-ups.

Giving your clients a little present like this would show your great thought for their safety, at the same time warming their hearts with its pretty appearance and contagious “click” when wrapped around the wrist. Slap bands can not only be decorated with brand identity, but also carry educational information (regarding street safety rules, for example) in the shape of pictures and icons easy for understanding of even the smallest kids.

PCV reflective bracelets have proven themselves as an essential attribute for insurance companies, bike stores, schools, boy scout associations and so on. Cintapunto offers best quality slap bracelets with shipping time of only 2-3 days for standard 18x55mm printing, and 10 to 15 days for bands decorated with any complexity custom printing.

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