Party wristbands

Whether it’s a private party or a 40 000 spectators festival, identification wristbands are necessary no matter how large an event you are about to throw. Wristbands have proven themselves as by now the cheapest and most convenient way to assure security and eliminate unwanted visitors.

What are party wristbands made of?

The basic purpose of party wristbands is to serve as a cheap and effective method for entry control and forgery protection issues. That’s why the majority of party wristbands is designed for single use only.

The cheapest and most common solution here are Tyvek party wristbands made of polymer fabric. Despite its paper-like appearance, the structure of Tyvek is almost as strong as cloth. An average Tyvek bracelet last through 24 hours without substantial damage. The printing options for Tyvek include logo, text, sketch drawing, and normal image as well. In our stock offer you will find Tyvek wristbands made in a palette of 20 different colours.

Cinta® identification wristbands are an authentic product by TM „Cintapunto” made of highly damage-resistant synthetic paper. Fitted with an additional adhesive coating, this kind of wristbands is meant for events lasting even several days in a raw. The perfectly smooth surface of Cinta® wristbands allows decorate them with bright, perfectly detailed image or photo printing, eliminating any chance for forgery. For more security purpose, these wristbands can be individually numbered or coded. We also offer an option of vanishing image printing, only visible in ultra-violet light.

Vinyl identification wristbands. Unparalleled classy look, fine touch of fabric and bright, saturated colours – all this is about vinyl bracelets for parties. For additional convenience, vinyl wristbands are fitted with adjustable single-use fastening. Vinyl is highly resistant to moisture and mechanical damage, which makes them an ultimate solution for even weekend-long events. The sleekness of vinyl surface makes it suitable not only for image printing, for manual felt pen marking as well. Our stock offer colour palette is comprised of 18 colour options, including silver, gold and 4 holographic ones.

Silicone party wristbands have by now become an inherent part of clubbing history. They turn out to be so appealing, that people used to collect them and even put up for auctions. The extreme longevity and almost unlimited range of decoration options make silicone wristbands an ultimate advertising medium even months after the event is over. The silicone bracelets we offer are non-sensitizing and available in any colour or combination. They can also be produced in custom shape on demand.

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