Swimming pool wristbands

Swimming pool wristbands are just a perfect solution for security purpose in poolside and waterpark attractions. It’s really hard to come up with a cheaper and at the same time more convenient and relevant gadget for the safety of the clients and their belongings.

What are the wristbands made of?

Water and mechanical damage resistance are, of course, the main requirements for swimming pool wristbands. That’s why the most common materials for that kind of bracelets are Tyvek, vinyl and silicone. All because these fabrics are greatly water-resistant, durable, and, equally important, almost insensible on the skin.

Depending on the needs the wristbands can be of both single and multiple use.

Disposable wristbands for swimming pool

Tyvek wristbands. These ones are know as the best option among the cheapest. Though similar to paper, such wristbands can nevertheless make it through several hours under water without serious damage. Ordering Tyvek wristbands in Cintapunto you may have your bracelets decorated with printed logo, sketch or image. The stock range of colours we provide comprises 20 different colours. For custom wristbands you always have choose any Pantone colour

Vinyl wristbands are especially compelling for those looking for the most sophisticated design. In addition, vinyl is a highly durable and practically insensible material. The ultimately smooth surface of vinyl ribbon makes it just perfect for full-colour image printing. Our stock range includes 18 colours with gold, silver 4 neon and 4 holographic among them.

RFID silicone wristbands – automatic identification

RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is mainly a technology that makes wristbands a part of an automatic client identification system. But that’s not all the features. RFID chips also make it possible to realize cashless payments or collect client data. All this in real-time mode and within the range of up to 300 metres. RFID control wristbands are available in both single and multiple use version.

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