Nightclub wristbands

For bars and nightclubs, entry control matters just as much as any other organizational function. This is, among other reasons, why nowadays you will hardly find a nightclub where guests don’t have paper or polymer control wristbands on their hands.

Types of bar and nightclub wristbands

The two most popular nightclub bracelet species are common Tyvek® and Cinta® wristbands. These are waterproof disposable wristbands designed providing for additional security capabilities. Owing to their more than modest price, these two types of wristbands are the most common ones in every part of the world.

The difference between Tyvek and Cinta

Tyvek is a paper-like polymer enhanced with extra durability similar to cloth. Thanks to this, Tyvek wristbands will last even through a hardcore 24-hours festival marathon. The fastening of Tyvek ribbons is specially designed to make the wristbands impossible to be taken off hand for more than single use. The surface of Tyvek wrsitbands can be covered with any text, barcode or image by desire, necessary for control and marketing needs. Our offer includes party wristbands in 20 colour options, with additional security options on demand. The shortest turnaround time (excluding delivery) we provide can be minimized to even one workday.

Cinta® – is a patented by Cintapunto synthetic paper-based material, substantially more durable than Tyvek. Fitted with an additional adhesive coating, this kind of wristbands are meant for events lasting even several days in a raw. The perfectly smooth surface of Cinta® wristbands allows decorate them with bright, perfectly detailed image printing, eliminating any chance for forgery. For more security purpose, these wristbands can be individually numbered or coded. We also offer an option of vanishing image printing, only visible in ultra-violet light.

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