ID bracelets for children’s safety

ID bracelets for children’s safety

Being on the move all the time, discovering every tiniest part of the environment – a trait of almost every child. And while a 1-2 year old baby spends most of his or her time in parents’ arms or in the baby carriage, an older youngster is far not that easy to keep an eye on all the time. Kids are curious of the world – that’s the way they are, and it’d be a shame to try to restrict their curiosity. How can we than make sure our kids are safe, especially during family vacations, mass events or even casual walk around the town? First, of course, by holding their hands all the time, still, there is another way however – by getting your youngster an informational bracelet.

What is an ID bracelets?

It looks pretty much like most of other bracelets for kids, but enhanced with one important feature – a dedicated space to be filled with the kid’s name and parents’ contact info. So, in case the youngster get lost to view in the crowd, any adult around will be able to quickly define what to do. With kids, you can never tell what might come to their mind, so there is always chance an infant unwittingly escapes the parents eye on the playground, in the street, or even in the kindergarten. Getting him or her an informational bracelet will always be hand in making sure the kid gets back safe and sound.

Why informational ID bracelets are a great solution

Lots of parents still use good old notes with contact info put into the infant’s pocket. Though, a skill that all kids master perfectly is loosing things, especially small pieces of paper. A durable, hard to take off bracelet is quite another story. A strong adjustable clasp on the bracelet safely holds it on the kid’s wrist, making it sit comfortably and solidly.

Informational bracelets are also great thanks to:

  • Non-sensitizing cloth and ink, safe for even most delicate skin;
  • Eye-catching design that kids can’t help but love, and boast in front of other youngsters;
  • Affordability – a pack of 10 disposable wristbands would be a barely noticed purchase for family finance;
  • All hygienic and allergic tests approved and certificated – a full guarantee for kids’ health safety.

Here in Cintapunto we produce best quality, safe and durable informational bracelets to help you make sure your baby never gets unattended even when escapes your view for second.

Whom else may informational ID bracelets be of help for?

Our bracelets can be of two sizes – for children, and for adults. Since there are thousands of grown-ups, especially the aged ones and those suffering from mental diseases and postinsult dementia, who are in strong need for careful nursing. There are lots and lots of families, whose elder or vulnerable members are at high risk to get lost outside their home, being unable to tell the place they belong or even recall their own names. If one of your dearest is in the risk group, don’t hesitate to get him or her an informational bracelet.

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