Festivals Wristbands

We all love festivals. This unparalleled feeling of sharing common emotions, enjoying the beautiful, music, nature, and generally being a part of something great. It’s been a while now since wristbands for festivals and events became an inherent part of such kind of occasions, being an ultimate solutions for entry control and other contiguous matters.

Types of Festival Wristbands

Identification wristbands for festivals, concerts and other events are usually made of strong, water and damage resistant materials, difficult to damage without using special tools.

Tyvek Polymer is a paper-looking, but textile-strong material. Tyvek party wristbands prove themselves even for open-air festivals under falling rain, poolside and river or seaside parties. This makes Tyvek one the most popular solution for cheap disposable wristbands. For better control and security purpose such wristbands can be additionally fitted with printed logo, text, a bar- or QR-code within a range of 20 Pantone colours.

Cinta® – a material patented by a Polish company Cintapunto, which combines both the durability of synthetics and the smoothness of paper. Thanks to this, Cinta wrist bands keep perfect long-lasting form, while its sleek surface shows the best possible performance with image print quality ever. An additional adhesive layer insures even more sufficient longevity enough for wearing the wristband for several days in a raw. Improved security features combined with sophisticated look and possibility for high-res printing make Cinta wristbands a worthy VIP paper wristband substitute to cheap Tyvek bracelets at more than modest price.

Vinyl wristbands are commonly acknowledged for their wide range of saturated colours and handy fastening. Vinyl bracelets are available in standard colours as well as in gold, silver or 4-hologram coating option. Their extended durability also makes them perfect for events lasting up to several days even in poor weather conditions.

Silicone wristbands for festivals will definitely stay with the spectators as a souvenir long after the event. Apart from ultimate durability silicone bracelets may boast perfect hypoallergic properties, capability of fully customizable design and unlimited colour range with fancy colour mixture options.

Mosquito repellent bracelets – a must have for every open-air event. Impregnated with natural peppermint oil, these bracelets are absolutely safe for humans and leave no chance for mosquitos, flies and other disturbing insects.

Textile concert wristbands are probably the most appealing kind of event bracelets thanks to their fancy look and extreme durability. Equipped with a special lock, they also assure as much of fraud resistance, as disposable polymer wristbands. The ultimate printing technology we use allows to decorate the textile bracelets with any type of logo, text or colourful image.

RFID wristbands (Radio Frequency Identification) – RF identification technology lets you transform typical wristbands into multipurpose gadgets for remote entry control and even bar or extra service payment matters using programmable build-in micro chips.

The best kind of festival wristbands is:

Which type of wristbands to choose depends the functionality you desire and the budget you dispose. So, for common entry control needs any kind of bracelets would be just enough. If you are looking for some extra functions, than silicone, mosquito-repellent or RFID bracelets are what you need. It’s also worth knowing that not only the material is crucial for the wristbands’ quality, but the production technology, too, so even the common Tyvek wristbands are best to be ordered directly from the manufacturer.

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